Pro Training Program

As a college student you are focused on picking a major and then taking classes that you think you lead you to the next step in your development as a young professional.  As your college years move from freshman year to later years the pressure builds as to what am I going to do after college. In order to know what you want to do and what you are good at you need to learn about the vast field of potential careers in the world of Finance today.  You have heard some of the “fancy Wall Street” buzz words which attempt to describe the different Finance career paths BUT do you know what they really describe? Also do you know what skills and personality traits would make you a good match for the many different niches in the Finance world.  The focus of my Specialized Internship is to equip you with the experience and knowledge after two weeks which will be the equivalent of spending a full summer in a rotation at a top Investment Bank where you are exposed to the many different departments and clients of the “fancy Wall Street Investment Bank”.

I have had college interns for the past 20 years and one the greatest joys I have had and continue to have is mentoring students and seeing them take what they have learned from their experience and go onto great careers.  By first making sure that you learn about and truly understand the different fields and fundamentals in 1) Investment Banking, 2) Private Equity, 3) Private Credit, 4) Hedge Funds, 5)Venture Capital, 6) Private Equity Real Estate, 7)Municipal and Government Finance and Investment Banking, 8) RIA – Money Management, 9) Commercial Banking and 10) Alternative and Opportunistic Credit. Once you understand the fundamentals of each of these careers, you are equipped  to seriously go after the career you want.  The trick is that you need to know what’s out there and colleges aren’t focused on exposing you to nor teaching you how to operate in the Finance careers today.